Tuesday, April 22, 2014


About a month ago I was dreaming about last week. Dreaming about the time to come when my life gets a little more mine. It seemed like a far off place, one that was filled with planning and executing of Easter brunch, the first holiday we've hosted. The first one in our house.

This past weekend it came and went, it was nothing short of glorious. The place looked great, everyone ate, the weather was awesome, and it was incredibly un-stressful as a hostess. Quite frankly as it should be. It helps to have a partner who is all-in for a dinner party. One who will clear his calendar and take a trip to Canada with you to buy a bookshelf, for a dinner party, and then will put it together the minute you get home with narry a side-look of "you be crazy."

It's not to say it was perfect. There were 6 people my heart missed at the table. How in 2014 have we not yet made a star-trek-like travel device a reality? Short of that, it was the best Easter it could have been.

And now on to the rest of the bright light I had been looking forward to. More time on me. Less time in charge. More time internally. Less time externally. Slower. Mindful. Present.

We have adventures of weddings ahead, some travel, some time with family. But mostly it's about getting back to my roots, the things that just plain 'ole make me happy. It's about time, guys. It's been a stressful couple of months

Anyway - the mantra goes like this:
"Self care is not selfish. When we don't fill our own vessel, we give from a place of empty. When we give from a place of empty, we don't give of our best self. True acts of self care involve nurturing the heart and soul with activities that bring you sustained joy." - Dr. Romi

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Pretty 5

Pretty view of pretty buildings from a pretty neat place.

Pretty presents for a pretty great nephew.

Pretty pictures for some pretty powerful and inspirational women (and men!).

Pretty cocktails on a pretty spring day.

Pretty baby on a pretty perfect partner.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My heaven if filled with letterpress

My heaven smells like thick ink that makes you high (on fumes and eye candy). My heaven if filled with handcut wood type. My heaven includes creamy vibrant colors. My heaven is filled with beard men and chickies who you immediately have a girl-crush on. My heaven if filled with knowledge passed down and items collected.

So my heaven pretty much exists at the Western New York Book Arts Collective. It's certainly not the only place where you can google over big presses and typeset - but it's a darn good one. An approachable one with very friendly people who you know are cooler than you, but who have an ability to dissipate your self-consciousness. Before you know it you're using the press. In front of people. People with cooler glasses and hairstyles than you. But you don't feel the slightest bit judged, in fact you oddly feel empowered.

My point is, if you haven't gone, you should go. It's a wonderful place - a place for everyone who loves all things printed. Matt and I were there for a showing of Sign Painters, which was fantastically charming - projected on a small gallery block with a mac. Seemingly perfect for the show.

We also pulled some goat prints. Learned about the presses. Breathed in the inky fumey goodness. Had a cup of beer. Rummaged through the drawers of press logos. Bought some prints. Walked in the warm Buffalo night air. And managed to catch my mom & dad for a crazy late dinner of souvlaki and eggs - something you can only do in Buffalo.

One of my favorite New Energy Works moments, with my work-husband Iain, was when I was first hired and designing the first draft of their print newsletter. It went something like this:
Me: "What is that?"
Iain: Scribbling on the draft while proofing "THAT is a giraffe traipsing through the Serengeti of your leading." 
Morrison-Iron, this picture's for you:

Anyway, if you haven't or didn't have a chance to visit WNYBAC supported Small Press Book Fair, put it on your radar for next year. It's a fantastic show of the best printy-goodness Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse-Canada has to offer. We saw Pisachio Press was a supporter (hint, that means it's good.)

Matt and I managed to leave a little pressie for a certain missy as we were causing debauchery around town. You know who you are and we love you very much. GOATS!

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Babies Mean Sewing

New babies in my world mean reasons to sew. One because what new momma doesn't love a handmade? And two because it's so darn easy! Baby items take little fabric and are usually easy to whip up. It doesn't take much to make them cute. So when my friends asked me to make a carrier cover for their new baby Grace, my yes was super quick. Straight lines, easy instructions, and the momma picked some really cute fabric - it was a breeze. We used Calli's pattern here and it fits like a glove.

There was leftover fabric - which I'm never one to let go to waste. So I made a quick drawstring bag for the cover (so they can keep it tucked away for a possible second little one?) and a last-name monogrammed lap blanket so that my latest favorite babe can travel in style.

Then my favorite baby thing to sew - bloomers. Heather Ross's Ruby's Bloomers are really the easiest and cutest bloomers out there. If you're looking for the pattern you can find them in Weekend Sewing. The darling Grace made her appearance right as the snow-drops and crocus started to peek through our yard, so it seemed to me she needed a spring-colored trio. I sorted through my vintage fabrics and found these three, I think they're Strawberry Shortcake in a cute way. I made them a bit smaller than the 6 month pattern Ross gives, coming in about a half-inch or so. I think they'll be quite perfect fit in a few weeks.

It's good to have some time again for these projects. Good to be settled in the house and able to sew with the window open and the birds chirping. Good to sew for a new little miss, who is so absolutely cute and cuddly - and good to sew for two great friends who are now three.